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An Enlightened Coaching Experience Workshop - 17th June 2013

You are invited to An Inspirational Event being hosted by

Kim Bailey & Jan Cheswright

Staffordshire 17th June 2013 9.30am – 4.30pm

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Simply Changing coaching network, trainee coaches & qualified coaches, professional & personal development practitioners, people with an interest in personal growth.


Express Holiday Inn Acton Court, Acton Gate, Stafford ST18 9AP

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This is a Single Day Workshop commencing at 9.15am to 4.30pm
Buffet lunch & refreshments included - Special Diatery Needs Can Be Met.
Free Parking Available - Hotel Room Bookings Available .
Tel: 01785 212244 - Email: reservations@hiexpressstafford.co.uk
Example Price Guide: --- £62 double room inc Vat

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Workshop Program - Enlightened Coaching Experience Workshop


  • Sydney Banks an Ordinary Man and an Amazing revelation that is the Three Principles!
  • What are the Three Principles of Mind Thought & Consciousness?
  • Working with the Three Principles Foundation
  • The Three Principles, Life Coaching, personal  & professional development, mental health, community development, education and business


To share an/our understanding of the Three Principles with others within our personal & professional development worlds

  • What this means for us as individuals
  • What this means to us as coaches
  • What this means for our clients
  • How the Three Principles has enhanced our Coaching Practice and everything that we have learned before
  • Standing on the shoulders of giants
  • What happens when we look within rather than outside of ourselves
  • What happens to our clients
  • What happens to our coaching practice & businesses
  • What happens when we collaborated with others


  • Full access to our inner wisdom, creativity & inspiration
  • How our insights & realisations changed our worlds from the inside out
  • How understanding the Three Principles gave us clarity for developing new projects and programmes
  • A unique and individual journey
  • A journey travelled with others


  • Share our experience and trust that our coaching network will trust their inner wisdom when they experience us!
  • Create the space for others to see, hear & feel and LIVE the Three Principles Experience
  • Share the experience of seeing through different eyes, Living in the Moment, Personal Empowerment, Increased Motivation, Confidence, Energy & Inspiration
  • Share our realities so that others can See, Hear & Feel the difference this makes in our worlds


  • To bring together amazing people that are also our inspiration
  • For you to share in this amazing experience
  • To create this space so that all of us can come together and share the gift of the Three Principles
  • To continue to be the awesome individuals that walk alongside our clients on their journey in understanding how amazing they actually are
  • Collaborate as individuals, groups, networks so that we can share the Three Principles with others
  • Standing together & uniting we can create happier & healthier communities
  • Know that we are all contributing so wonderfully to our world


Lunch & Refreshments included

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