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Training & Coaching In Community DevelopmentKim’s background in community development came at a time when the way in which different agencies and professionals traditionally worked began to change. 

Decision makers recognized that those in community development at the grass roots level were out working in communities had the knowledge and real time experience to form a key role in contributing creating sustainable change and soon local people also became part of the process that influenced the decision making process that creates sustainable change.

Kim was very successful in creating groups and working with groups of people that created change within their communities these included: community focused forums/councils/action groups for residents, young people, parents & older people, in the community, business, public & private sectors.

From many of the community participation and engagement programmes people emerged to become community activists and leaders who successfully secured funding and ran community projects that are still active and evolving today. 

There were other groups however, who because of the many different personalities and characters within the groups, allowed conflict and personal thinking to become an issue and the groups eventually dissolved.  

Sometimes we forget to listen to our internal wisdom and the ‘cause’ gets lost amongst all the different personal thinking and individual ego’s within the group as often happens in groups of people wheather in the community, public or private sectors.

With a better understanding of how personal thinking and ego can get in the way and side track a group’s true purpose, many of these groups would be functioning at a highly successful level and those members of the groups would be succeeding with their objectives to ‘influence and change things for the better’.

Kim has designed and developed Three Principles based community development coaching programmes that change communities and individual lives. 

Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis - Purple Genie Life Coaching - Back To The Top ButtonHypnotherapy uses the process of hypnosis, by inducing an altered trance like state of relaxation much like when we are day dreaming or meditating to work with the unconscious mind.   Change occurs to behaviour patterns through the use of guided imagery and other such methods to change perceptions and patterns that are no longer useful to a person.

Life Coaching - Purple Genie Life Coaching - Back To The Top ButtonThere are many tools and techniques in coaching that create positive meaningful lasting changes. Coaching is interactive where clients fully engage in activities that provide a process of self discovery & understanding therefore giving clarity to create the natural changes that the client wants.

Programmes are adapted to meet the needs of the indervidual or group for example through arts, crafts & other usefull resources.

The above are just a few samples of what is in our tool boxes,  that we can use with individuals or with groups to make that dream, change, wish, idea or plan happen.

We find different ways to explore what it is a person would like to be different and we work together to utilise all the inner resources, skills, abilities & talents that a person has. This process creates a platform in which natural changes & progression occurs & the results are that people create a life that is more fulfilling & meaningful to them.

NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming - Purple Genie Life Coaching - Back To The Top ButtonKim was introduced to NLP many years ago when she attended an Anthony Robbins seminar in London & was so inspired by the experience she wanted to know more.  Kim then went on to train with John Grinder the co-founder of NLP, Carmen Boston St Clair and Michael Carroll at the NLP academy in London.  

“I was amazed by the tools and techniques that had been developed by John Grinder and Richard Bandler, because in learning so much about the human mind & how we all create our internal maps of the world using our five key senses, meant that I had found another way of helping others.” 

Having always been interested in the power of language & how people respond to certain beliefs according to their personal experiences & the internal maps they have created, Kim was fascinated by what she was learning & understanding about how we make sense of our world.  

Kim was able to use NLP, Hypnotherapy & Life Coaching to support people in many different ways to realise their ambitions, dreams & goals. Many people do not move forward if they are stuck in emotional patterns that are preventing them from having the life they want. Using a collection of proven methods, tools & techniques emotional patterns that where previously interfering with what they wanted clients overcome self limiting beliefs, anxieties or stresses, unhelpful emotional states such as phobias or unwanted behaviours or habits.

 “I am really fortunate that I have been on this path of discovery and my love of people has led me to search far and wide to understand my own life, the lives of others and how we all relate to the world”

It’s been such an amazing incredible journey and finding the Three Principles has inspired me to share this experience with others as it is the key to opening the door in our lives to all and everything that is possible!”

Motivational Speaking - Purple Genie Life Coaching - Back To The Top ButtonKim is natural motivational speaker with the ability to reach out to people with fascinating stories that show life from a different perspective, she has a wonderful sense of humour and the ability to laugh at life at it’s complexities.

Kim has a way of taking everyone on a journey when she speaks to a group that you cannot help feeling inspired as she describes what makes us all different and unique and what makes us share a common purpose or similar road.  Everyone feels that they too are on a journey as Kim shares stories of her own journey that we can see part of our own lives in hers.   

In sharing her experiences Kim takes you on a truly inspirational journey as she shares her understandings of the Three Principles Experience and the incredible differences that happen for people when they understand how ‘Thought’ really works.

Team & Groups Workshop - Purple Genie Life Coaching - Back To The Top ButtonIf you belong to a group that you feel is struggling to maintain momentum or it is not achieving the desired results, we can support the group to get back on track with renewed purpose and vigor.  If you are a group with a great idea then you will find these workshops are just what you need. 

Using the Three Principles of Mind, Thought and Consciousness the group’s dynamics will completely change into a group focused on successful results at the heart of its function.

Each individual experiences such a shift in their own personal thinking that they know without any doubt at all that each of them has the wisdom within & inner resources to make their project, idea, dream or vision become a shared reality.

People have great ideas and projects and sometimes all that is needed is to understand the foundation and have a plan that is natural, feels right and suited to their purpose which is inclusive and created with balance and harmony then we have something that is going to improve and change our communities.

If you would like to know more about how we at Purple Genie Life Coaching can come and inspire your group then drop us an e-mail or call us here at Purple Genie Life Coaching.

Training & Life Coaching - Purple Genie Life Coaching - Back To The Top ButtonThere are many tools and techniques that lend their selves to coaching and create change within a person.  Coaching is very client interactive as people fully participate in using different models and actively engage in different activities. 

Programmes are adapted by using different ways that are useful to the individual or group for example art, crafts, music and other useful resources can be used.

The above is a collection of different things that are in my tool box  that I can use with individuals or with groups to make that dream, change, wish, idea or plan happen.   We do it together!

We find different ways and explore what it is that you want to change and we have fun while we do it.

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