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If you are involved in making a difference in our communities then this is Creative Community Development and it includes everyone.

I invite you to put it to the test and bring along a service user or client so they can be involved, participate & have their own understanding. See for your selves what happens when any one of us has an insight or realisation of how we all use ‘Thought’. It applies to each and every one of us no matter what our circumstances we all get caught up in our ‘Thoughts & Beliefs’.
Some people ask what is community development? It’s building relationships with others and providing an experience that supports people to grow and develop and participate in our communities and in life. Are You still passionate about people and communities?

Would you like to get past the beliefs projected by others about our communities and show others how to do the same?Purple Genie Life Coaching - Back To The Top Button I started out in community development not knowing what that title even really meant. I was a health outreach worker talking with young people about things that were important to them and passing information so they could make informed decisions about their lives. Their labels were ‘disaffected youth’ to my surprise they were just like me when I was their age. They still had wonderment & excitement and they had questions about the world.

I still have wonderment and excitement as I am no longer disempowered by my ‘Thoughts’ and now I share a different understanding with others that is complete empowerment. Purple Genie Life Coaching - Back To The Top Button We had great conversations and I also noticed how they didn’t like the labels given to young people and to be honest neither did I. I was a single parent and so many beliefs & meanings attached to that one label and it’s 2 words! Single Parent what are you imagining? I could really identify with that! I am sure you can too. I too attached labels and formed various beliefs, all driven by ‘Thought’ and this created feelings within me. This too happens to you!

The young & the older and everyone in between they all had different labels and beliefs attached to them that they didn’t want.Purple Genie Life Coaching - Back To The Top ButtonI also had labels attached to me that didn’t fit me. I noticed that I also had labels that I attached meanings too. I noticed people get stuck in their ‘thinking’ and lose confidence as they started to either fit the labels or fight against the labels that were causing unwanted feelings causing inner conflict and very energy draining.
When I moved around in the professional world of community development I also noticed the projected beliefs from others when I said I worked or lived in Basildon and yes commonly known as Bas Vegas, classed as a deprived community. I noticed their faces change and the negative beliefs all projected by fear and a misunderstanding of the community I was part of.

Humans relate to each other on a daily basis and our communication is 70% non-verbal using body language and energy and this created by our ‘thoughts’ in the moment.Purple Genie Life Coaching - Back To The Top ButtonIt didn’t make me feel very good, I found myself at different times defending my corner. I am sure each of you has experienced this, happens regularly in different areas of our lives when we get caught up in a belief that doesn’t fit who we really are or maybe someone challenges our beliefs. 

Deprived what kind of meanings are you placing on that one word? What do people labeled with that title take from that one word?Purple Genie Life Coaching - Back To The Top ButtonMuch later I realised how we all create our individual realities as at times I have had no direct experience to support a belief that I had formed within my own mind, we have all done this and still do it at different times in our lives.
I could see in both worlds some of the inaccurate or misguided beliefs and insecure ‘Thinking’ of people including professionals, grass roots workers & in the people of the communities in which we all served. There were misunderstandings from all sides and at times I also didn’t understand this and struggled with my beliefs as I too had insecure ‘Thinking’.

Would you like to share an understanding with others in our communities which reconnects people with their Wisdom? Purple Genie Life Coaching - Back To The Top ButtonIf you belong to a group that you feel is struggling to maintain momentum or it is not achieving the desired results, we can support the group to get back on track with renewed purpose and vigor.  If you are a group with a great idea then you will find these workshops are just what you need. 

Invisible Barriers created by Beliefs within 'Our Own Minds'Purple Genie Life Coaching - Back To The Top Button I have lost count of the times that I have been to an event and professionals have had various stands sharing their services and watched as the professionals talked amongst their selves and were unable to come out from behind the table and interact with the communities that they wanted to access their services. 

What was happening? Fear & Anxiety projected by beliefs about that particular community another invisible barrier passed on like a baton from one person to another fuelling ‘Them & Us Barriers’Purple Genie Life Coaching - Back To The Top Button I also had misunderstandings and unhelpful beliefs I also had the experiences of people with HEART on all sides, those that stepped up and made a difference, I had experienced Wisdom from many people in many places. What I noticed about individuals and groups of people were how PASSIONATE & MOTIVATED they were to COME TOGETHER and get CREATIVE ABOUT OUR COMMUNITIES. My experience of how use ‘thought’ and sharing this understanding of we use the principles is life changing for each person that understands how they too use ‘thought’.


We create our stories of how we came to be and we create a new story by living in the present and understanding how each of us creates our individual realities it’s a game changer for communities and let’s face it we are part of our communities. This understanding is shared by community members from all walks of life and it shared by a personal story of how an individual realised how they used 'thought'. How easy is that? Are you surprised? In the beginning we learned language as children by a story didn't we?

I also know that those that step up and make a difference will want to take their understanding of how we use the Three Principles of Mind, Thought & Consciousness to their communities.Purple Genie Life Coaching - Back To The Top Button 

Recently I spoke to someone who has been involved in community development for 20 years at a very high level now and guess what the barrier became? Yep you’ve got it “ there’s nothing you can share with me that I don’t already know about community development I’ve been doing it for 20 years” how’s that for a ‘Barrier’?

One thing I have learned is we are all EVOLVING every day we learn something we didn’t know the day before this is called growth this is people development.  I could live a thousand life times and still I would not know it all.   To fool myself into believing that I know it all actually limits my GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT and it limits those around me.

Will you limit yourself?

Or will you show up and continue to make the difference in your own life and the lives of others?  Purple Genie Life Coaching - Back To The Top Button

After all, your story started out by you wanting to make a difference.

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Basildon Towngate Theatre,
St Martins Square, Basildon,
Essex, SS14 1DL
This is a Single Day Workshop commencing at 9.30am to 4.00pm
refreshments included. £125.00

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