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Kim Bailey - Life Coach NLP HypnotherapistKim Bailey - Founder Of Purple Genie Life Coaching - Trainer, Life Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, Counselor & Hypnotherapist

Kim’s career has given her the opportunities of working in both the public, private, voluntary sectors in several fields such as personal & professional development, community development, public health & mental health.

Kim started her journey many years ago when she worked at the grass roots level with a cross section of the communities she established relationships with many people from the young to the elderly and with those that lived or worked within the community. 

Together with others she took part in many different community projects with partner agencies and local communities.  Together they created and developed many different successful projects, programmes & partnerships.  

Many different voluntary, statutory & private sector partnerships were formed and created a successful multi agency practices were developed and continue to support local people to this day.

Kim was fortunate enough to work with some innovative activists and inspirational motivators and leaders and as her career progressed she managed successful teams that provided intervention programmes in the local communities.
My Personal Vision
"To share my understanding of the Three Principles with as many people and organisations as humanly possible, so that others can experience the positive impact of the Three Principles on each one of us as individuals, thereby enabling us to understand our communities and the organisations that we work within."

Jan Cheswright Life Coach Trainer NLP
Janice Cheswright - Trainer, NLP, Life Coach & Hypnotherapist -
Amity Life Coaching
Janice Cheswright
is one of the fine Trainers and Coaches I now have the privilege and honor to work with . Jan became a great friend many years ago when our career path’s crossed when we worked together in the same organization and department. 

Jan started her career as a nurse, a job she loved.  Eventually like many other nurses Jan changed direction and went into public health as she wanted to be part of a positive change that saw people being cared for in a more holistic way. 

Jan recognized that the human spirit also needs to be nurtured with love and care which took her onto a further career path in coaching, NLP and hypnotherapy.   Jan enjoys helping people to live a positive, happy, healthy and productive life.  After training and studying for many years in the field of personal development, Jan uses her skills to help people discover their true pathways in life and by showing people that true happiness and fulfillment is a divine right for all and not just for a chosen few, helps give people the strength and determination to live the life that was once a dream to become a reality. 

Jan says ‘once a person re-connects with who they really are and the many skills and gifts they already have you see a transformation so powerful I feel so privileged that I don’t see my work as ‘work’ but as an opportunity to go on an amazing journey with some really awesome and wonderful people.’

Life Coach Ariela Cravitz
Clear Genie Workshops With Life Coach Ariela Cravitz
Ariela Cravitz has over twenty years’ experience working in the voluntary, statutory and independent sector. She has worked in a variety of multi-cultural, inner city settings, supporting and empowering groups and individuals from a huge variety of backgrounds and ages, from young to old. Her passion is enabling people to uncover and realise their skills, knowledge and abilities, and to identify how they can best utilise these in order to feel a greater sense of happiness, fulfilment and wellbeing.

As founder of Clear Training Associates, Ariela has a proven track record in designing and delivering quality bespoke trainings and workshops for her clients. Her personalised approach to all those she works with ensures that clients return to her time and again with requests for further trainings, both existing and new.

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