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When Was Purple Genie Life Coaching Company Founded ?

Purple Genie life coaching was founded in 2011 after many years of working in the fields of personal, professional and community development, team building, behaviour change, training, NLP, Hypnosis, counseling, health improvement, &
public health.

Why Was Purple Genie Life Coaching Company Founded ?

"Purple Genie Life Coaching was created as I have always been passionate about people and I believe in people! We each have our own Genie within us this is our energy that is formless!
We know when our Genie is around as we feel really great about who we are!
We all have many great qualities, talents & skills and the ability to add even more knowledge, talents and skills that we can share with each other that can make a difference to our own lives and the lives of others life.
At other times our Genie is hidden in the lamp that is within our mind and clouded by our 'personal thoughts or the 'Thoughts' that we have accepted about ourselves or maybe someone else said something about who we are and we are still believing that 'Thought'!
I have with my knowledge & understanding of human behaviour and my experiences of working with all kinds of people from varied walks of life from young people, adults, older people, professionals & community activists & leaders created inspirational & Interactive Workshops & Programmes to share the psychological understanding of how we each use 'Thought' and the role that 'Thought' has within our individual realities combined with the coaching approach & community empowerment models.
I have had the honour of experiencing many powerful changes within my own life and the lives of others as they too have their own light bulb moments that occur within a person and within a group of people or team when they experience their own realisations of how they use 'Thought'.
I had many wonderful experiences lessons & memories in the fields of community development, personal & professional development & mental health which gave me great insights into how as individuals we construct our individual perception of the world based on our life experiences.
We unconsciously & consciously accept beliefs about our selves and each other that can become self-limiting as our perception is only what we have experienced or accepted so far. We continually choose or reject beliefs throughout our lives some serve us well and some do not, sometimes we don't even notice an unhelpful belief and yet this belief will affect how we 'THINK' creating emotions & feelings! Emotions & Feelings drive more of the same 'Thoughts' creating more of the same 'Emotions & Feelings'.
Designed to create a space where others can experience new knowledge & understandings our participants will navigate life and their circumstances in a very different way, as their perception of life alters. We continually create our realities by using our individual Mind, Thought & Consciousness understanding that we create our experience from moment to moment and recognising as individuals WE ALL do this! Natural changes occur and our responses to ourselves and others are very different. We become aware of an unhelpful 'Thoughts & Beliefs' and can catch them in action and cease to pay attention to those pesky 'Thoughts' and we no longer take those pesky 'Thoughts' so seriously!
We experience life with much more ease and see more of what is possible and have confidence in our talents, skills & resources and the ability to add to our tool kit that will serve us throughout life. Watching people participate & grow throughout our expereinces together is so rewarding and fulfilling for me it is an honour to be able to share those moments with people. When we become aware of who we are and have a deeper understanding of how we as humans operate our lives change. Purple Genie Life Coaching's purpose is to provide the process where others can get excited about the many different possibilities and opportunities that life has in store for them, a space so they get creative and passionate about life.
Once our Genie is released we know the next steps we want to take and we are able to see the rewarding and wonderful experience we will have in learning or living in the experience of life and we get interested and participate fully in life!."
Kim Bailey Purple Genie Life Coaching Kim Bailey - CEO Purple Genie Life Coaching

What Is Purple Genie Life Coaching Company Vision ?Our Vision Here At Purple Genie Life Coaching is to:

1) Share our understanding of the Three Principles of Mind, Thought & Consciousness and how these Three Principles work together, as they provide the basic understanding of our lives and how we interact with each other, understandings that really will make the difference.

2) Share our Bespoke coaching programmes with individuals, groups, organisations and agencies to support people and projects that will make a difference to everyone involved and ensure their projects succeed.

3) Show others how to look within and embrace all that they are and have, so that individuals will be creative and have ideas and answers that improve their own lives and the lives of others. 

4) Bring communities and people together so that they too can make a difference in their own lives and the lives of others.

5) Support individuals, teams & groups so that their ideas, visions and dreams become realities.

6) Enable people to focus on what we can do to create and make sustainable changes that enrich all of our lives.

What Are Purple Genie Life Coaching Company Core Values ?

We at Purple Genie Life Coaching have core values and beliefs, seeing ourselves and others as unique individuals with many talents, skills & resources.    We recognize that all of us have many skills and abilities that sometimes we may have forgotten, or sometimes not even have recognized.

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