Introduction to The Three Principles by Kim Bailey

Kim Bailey - Life Coach - Three Principles

Here at Purple Genie Life Coaching we are incredibly grateful to be in a position where we can share the Three Principles of Mind Thought and Consciousness in our workshops and eternally grateful to the late Sydney Banks for bringing the Three Principles to the world

Our Three Principles coaching based workshops will bring new understandings, insights and realisations of how our thoughts actually work and how to live and understand the power of our minds and that thought is only part of our minds.

Our mind’s job, role or purpose is to ‘Think’ this is just like our hearts role is to beat and pump the blood through our bodies our mind is always going to think it is it’s role and purpose.

The truth is that we do not actually have to control ‘Thought’ once we understand these basic Three Principles of Mind, Thought & Consciousness and how they work together. 

Life is experienced from a completely different perspective when people instinctively trust their selves it is very liberating and enlightening.  The natural changes that happen within everyone who experiences the simplicity of the Three Principles is incredible. 

People experience peace of mind & clarity of thought that they have their own insights and understandings about their own unique lives and journey the results are that their worlds make much more sense to them. 

The Three Principles experience also creates new ideas & realisations within a person that so much more becomes possible for them they know that they are a person with many skills, talents and resources that is continually learning on their personal journey that is life.

Our realities are changing all the time and daily we create a new personal history, one day we think or believe one thing and the very next day we may hear or see or receive information that changes the way we viewed or thought previously.

We are all educated within our environment by our families, friends and communities.   We pick up so much information and our mind processes it based on everything we know or believe and all that has gone before.

We are not taught anywhere about the Three Principles the understanding which is the key to our own minds!

Our workshops are an experience where you leave with your own key which unlocks the doors to all the possibilities in your own life.

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