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Purple Genie Life Coaching & Training was founded by Kim Bailey in 2011. Since Purple Genie Life Coaching & Training inception the company has expanded its services to cover a wide range of Personal , Group, Team development programs.

We at Purple Genie Life Coaching create a b-spoke program to meet each of our customer's different needs. We have understood that the Three Principles of Mind, Thought & Consciousness are the keys that have opened the door for everyone of us to understand our own minds and thought processes  and the results of this is that each individual behaviour changes for the better quite naturally through having complete clarity of Thought.

Kim Bailey - Purple Genie Life Coaching
" We treat all our customers as individual's & work closely with them to help develop & inprove their lives. We understand our client's needs, no matter if it is an personal, group, team or corporate setting, we can help you to focus your mind & achieve your goals. " Kim Bailey 2012.

Corporate Team Building Workshops
Purple Genie Life Coaching & Training - Coporate Workshops
We offer a corporate b-spoke workshop program for the express purposes of improving your team dynamics & improving your work force productivity.
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Purple Genie Life Coaching & Training - Life Coaches Workshops
We offer Life Coaches the opportunity to join us on a workshop & learn about the Three Principles & how this can be applied to their own coaching practice, workplace, business & networks.
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Team Building
Purple Genie Life Coaching & Training Professional & Personal Development - Team Building Workshops, Leadership Workshops, Community Development Workshops.
To help individuals leaders, private businesses, community & voluntary groups, statutory & stakeholder partnerships, sports, arts & Leisure teams achieve and excel in their chosen careers or professions, become creative in their work and personal lives, to contribute to their communities in a vibrant and productive way.
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